The Love of your Pet in Every Detail

Welcome to Puppygree, where love for canines transforms into fashion and style for those who carry the passion for their pets in their hearts.

Our story is as warm and endearing as the hug of a faithful friend. It all started with a childhood dream, the pure and persistent desire of a girl named Samantha. For two years, her eyes sparkled with the illusion of having a puppy, a brown toy poodle that already had a name before it became a reality: Ginger.

The search for Ginger was an adventure marked by hope and patience, especially at a time when the world was facing the uncertainty of a pandemic. But fate, in its mysterious wisdom, chose October 30, 2020, to bring Ginger to her new home. With her arrival, not only was a house filled with joy and playful barks, but also the inspiration for what is now Puppygree was born.

Our mission is to dress dog lovers with clothes and accessories that reflect the nobility and love that their pets give them every day.

Each garment and accessory of Puppygree is a tribute to that unbreakable bond that only dog lovers can understand. Our designs are more than a fashion; they are an extension of the love, companionship, nobility, and loyalty that these wonderful beings offer us every day.

We are inspired by Ginger’s warmth, and the joy she brought into our lives. We believe that every product we offer should reflect those values. That’s why we carefully select each material, each design, and each detail, ensuring that our products convey the essence of what it means to have a doggy heart.

We are Puppygree, a passion shared by millions of people who love their pets as part of their family.